The Atelier presents a major exhibition of its collection, a collection of works by Belgian and international artists. Amassed over more than forty years, the works range from Polish avant-garde, eco-art to photography and photomontage. The ensemble presents more than forty works and reflects the personality and taste of the founder and president of the Atelier 340/34zero Muzeum, Wodek Majewski.

These works, whether pictorial, sculptural or photographic, often come from artists who have collaborated with the structure in the past. Thus, the Atelier also pays tribute to them through this exhibition.


With : Erwan Ballan (FR), Pascal Bernier (BE), Keith Boadwee (US), Jean-Pierre Bredo (BE), Jeanine Cohen (BE), Jacques De Backer (FR), Jetje De Kort (NL), Jean-François Demeure (FR), Filip Dujardin (BE), Javier Fernandez (BE), Jean-Marie Gheerardijn (BE), Katarzyna Gorna (PL), Ado Hamelryck (BE) Leszek Knaflewski (PL), Katarzyna Kobro (PL), Marek Kus (PL), Jacques Lizene (BE), Dominique Marx (BE), Pierre Radisic (BE), Henryk Stazewski (PL), Władysław Strzemiński (PL), Anu Tuominen (FI), Nils-Udo (DE), Camiel Van Breedam (NL), Bob Verschueren (BE) and Julien Willem (BE).


Exhibition visible from 17/07/2021 to 13/03/2022

Adult ticket: 10 euros. The ticket gives access to the exhibition of the collection and the exhibition of Jacques Talmar.