Dear Friends,

We cordially invite you, on this Saturday, December 18, 2021 at 12:00 pm, to the inauguration of our new collection of tarpaulins around a small cultural drink. This event is a preview of our upcoming exhibition in March 2022 based on the photographic tricks of the late nineteenth and early twentieth century. You will be able to discover, as a preview, 8 works from the upcoming exhibition in which the characters are staged in different ways by playing with the photographic medium.

We look forward to seeing you on December 18, 2021,

Friendly and culturally,





28/04 – 29/07/18

OPENING 28/04 -12am

A visual artist from Ghent, passionated about photography and architecture, Filip Dujardin designs unique works that reinvent the urban space. Between realism and fiction, his photographic assemblies stimulate our attention and sharpen our eyes by proposing a new point of view on the environment that surrounds us. Alongside many photographs presented in the museum's rooms, the highlight of this exhibition is the creation of six new banners - manipulated, mixed and rearranged panoramas of the cities of Ghent, Brussels and Katowice (PL) where the artist recently exposed – which will be placed in the cultural park of Atelier 34zero Muzeum.




OPENING 15/09 -16pm

In the context of the next communal elections, Atelier 34zero Muzeum proudly presents its own "gallery of portraits". At the request of the museum, eight renowned artists bring a contemporary and artistic touch to the classic election campaign. Each artist engages in a dialogue with a candidate chosen from different political parties who has been interested in contemporary art during the last legislature. The result of this particularly fascinating interaction between politics and art can be seen from 15 September in the cultural park of the Atelier 34zero Muzeum.



Gilles Barbier (FR) / Darren Coffield (GB) / Pierre Radisic (BE) / Frank Synowicz (US) / Wacław Szpakowski (PL) / Stanisław Witkiewicz (PL)

OPENING 10/03/18 -12am



ADVERTISEMENT FOR A WORK OF ART – The horse in contemporary art

Art Orienté Objet (FR) / John Baldessari (US) / Maurizio Cattelan (IT) / David Černý (CZ) / John Collier (GB) / Pieter De Clercq (BE) / Lai Jin’na (CH) / Ben Long (GB) / Soheila Sokhanvari (IR) / Pietertje Van Splunter (NL) / Max Streicher (CA) / Michel Walgraeve (BE)


OPENING 22/09 - 12am

The relationship between man and horse holds a dual perspective. On one hand the animal is always admired, honored and considered noble, on the other hand it is a relation of domination for utilitarian and economic reasons (until the last century).

Multiple allegories of the horse left traces in the imagination and gave rise to numerous productions in various fields: artistic, literary, cinematographic, etc. Horse riding is both in literature and cinema often seen as the starting point for adventure. In advertising, the horse generally embodies, by its qualities of grace, power and speed, the alliance between dream and reality, virility and femininity.

When it comes to art the horse is the most represented animal since Prehistory and is one of the oldest artistic subjects. It appears in a great variety of media: paintings, sculptures, drawings, photographs and films. In art history the horse is most often represented in hunting scenes, on the battlefield, as a support for the main figures (reinforcing the power of the one who rides it) or as a draft horse for vehicles. Despite the disappearance of the utility of the horse during the twentieth century in favour of technology, the animal remains present in art thanks to many modern and contemporary artists.

In its almost forty years of existence the Atelier 340 Muzeum / Atelier 34zero Muzeum has always paid special attention to the relationship between the artist and the subject and the way in which that dialogue influences the concept, directs the development of the work or is 'held hostage' by the artist. Based on this idea, the international and collective exhibition presents both artworks and reproductions on 20 m² banners, installed in our exhibition halls and in our cultural park.








Filip Dujardin - OVERVIEW - BWA Katowice (PL)
23/02 - 15/04/18
Opening 23/02/18

Every year Atelier 340 Muzeum / Atelier 34zero Muzeum exports one exhibition in BWA contemporary art center of Katowice. This year we organize a solo exhibition of Filip Dujardin (BE) around its photographic architectural fictions.




Félicien Rops (BE) / Atelier les deux garçons (NL) / Xu Bing (CHN) / Andy Feehan (US) / Sarah Garzoni (FR) / Arti Grabowski (PL) / Sarah Maple (UK) / Kira O’Reilly (IE) / Yvonne Salzmann (DE) / Stenzel & Kivits (NL) / Heidi Taillefer (CA) / Chen Wenling (CHN) / Liu Xue (CHN)

18/11/2017 - 04/3/2018

OPENING 18/11/2017 – 12am

FINISHING 04/03/2018 – 12am

The Atelier 34zero Muzeum propose a new edition of its thematic exhibition around pig in modern and contemporary art.


24/6 – 31/8/17

Extended until 24/9/17

Opening 23/6/17 – 7pm

Closing 24/9/17 - 12am

Atelier 34zero Muzeum presents the work of contemporary, American artist Keith Boadwee (born in Meridian, Mississippi, 1961, lives and works in Emeryville, California).
This work is both serious and humorous. Serious when it questions the canons of Western painting, and confronts conceptual art and performance, or when it enters into dialogue with Otto Muehl's Viennese actionism or Jackson Pollock's action painting and abstract expressionism. Humorous when Boadwee subverts and makes fun of this dominant hierarchy through a queer lens and with a razor sharp wit.


20 / 04 – 04 / 06 /2017

VERNISSAGE 20 / 04 / 2017 – 7pm

The work of Michel Walgraeve is full of sensitivity as well as of humor. His black and white photographs constitute an attempt to convey to the spectator the world around us.


20 / 04 – 04 / 06 / 2017

VERNISSAGE 20 / 04 / 2017 – 7pm

Han Decorte always looks for the appropriate medium for an idea, that’s why all her works are so different from each other. Yet, there is a red line throughout her work.


Pascal Bernier (BE) / Keith Boadwee (US)
9 / 12 / 2016 - 23 / 04 / 2017
VERNISSAGE 9 / 12 / 2016 – 19h

In September 2016, Atelier 34zero Muzeum took the side of originality by installing, in its garden, a reproduction of the photographic staging Pissing in Mouth created in 2004 by the American artist Keith Boadwee. The Anglo-Saxon Puritan spirit has made its way into the meanders of the northern districts of Brussels, this work, as well as a few others before it (remember in particular the outcry caused by the Bipolar Perversion of Pascal Bernier in 2010), Had to be withdrawn as a result of vehement protests by several local residents.


Atelier Les deux garçons (NL) / Arti Grabowski (PL) / Félicien Rops (BE) / Stenzel & Kivits (NL) / Liu Xue (CHN) 

27/5 - 15/10/17

OPENING 27/5/17 – 12am

Atelier 34zero Muzeum pursues its project "Advertising for a work of art" and exhibits six new banner of 20m² each, installed, as usual, in the garden of the center for contemporary art. As a reminder, this project presents the work of Belgian and foreign artists and aims at sharing modern and contemporary art with the biggest amount of people. It is above all a question of arousing curiosity and intellectually challenging the passing public and the visitors of the museum.


3 / 9 - 27 / 9  2016
OPENING 3 / 9 – 12am

For the start of the academic year, Atelier 34zero Muzeum continues one of its projects : Advertising - For a work of art.
Like billboards along roads, three artists were invited to present their creations on the cultural 20m2 in the Atelier 34zero Muzeum’s park.You will see a photograph by Daniel Desmedt, capturing a compulsive and poetic collection of combs, a work about alteration of everyday objects by the Finnish artist Anu Tuominen and an iconography of incest by Katarzyna Górna.






Prolongation until 5/6/2016

10/10/2015 – 17/1/2016

Opening 9/10 - 7pm

In the 2000's, the Fédération Wallonie-Bruxelles has bought a number of works from the Atelier 340 Muzeum's collection. Ten years later, the works of Leo Copers (BE), Nils-Udo (DE), Bernar Venet (FR) and many others return to the Atelier 34zero Muzeum for a major retrospective : Le Grand Retour. Joint by works of the permanent collection, the themes of plants, abstraction or the place of the human being in society are all represented. We must indeed speak of a great return, even of a happy reunion !


20/6  - 27/9/2015

OPENING 19/6 - 7pm

The first exhibition is dedicated to Patrick Guaffi. It shows a selection of sculptures having in common they all exist out of snail-shells. Every piece is made with materials -like a goose's feather- bearing well-thought-out meanings. These works question the form of memory, souvenirs and dreams / nightmares. In the same way the sculptor evokes the fragmentation of an instance, of the body and of personal memories.







14/3- 31/5 2015

VERNISSAGE 13/3 - 19h

Postvernissage 6/6/2015 - 19h

This spring, Atelier 34zero Muzeum honors the Belgian sculptor Jacques Talmar. The monographical exhibition at Atelier34zero Muzeum accentuates the opulence and roundness of the body. In the 1960's Talmar begins to be interested in big bodies, overweight, chubby, thus allowing the exploration of the abundance of human forms and a play of curves and counter-curves shifting, with a rare sens of volume, from one plan to another.







14/2 - 31/5  2015


Postvernissage 6/6/2015 - 7pm

Thierry ALCY/ François AMZINA/ Manuel Jesús AZOGUE BOYANO/ Lilian BREYNE/ Sylvain CARLIER/ Marie-Claude CLOUTIER/ Deborah DE SCHUTTER/ Dominique DE WIT/ Han DECORTE/ Lisette DELOOZ/ Justine DEMAS/ Marc DURANT/ Emelyne DUVAL/ Miku ENOMOTO/ Raphael FLOCHE/ Pascal JENARD/ Julien JOLIE/ Kitty KAMP/ Antoan KURTI/ Naomi L'ABBATE/ Olivier LABALUE/ Jean-Loup LECLERCQ/ William LEVAUX/ Amandine LEVY/ Virginie LHERBETTE/ Anne-Dolorès MARCELIS/ Ramón David MORALES/ Anja Louise OEYEN/ Klaus PINTER/ Nathalie PIROTTE/ Stefaan PROVIJN/ Meghann SERONT/ Alain SNYERS/ Florent SORIS/ Clothilde SOURDEVAL/ Guy SUSPLUGAS/ Carine VAN ERPS/ Ada Van HOOREBEKE/ Nathalie VANHECKE/ Gaëtan VANPARYS/ Remi VERBRUGGHE/ Philippe VERHEYE/ Adrien VERSAEN/ Sara VILARDO/ Sylvie WAROQUIER


6/12/2014 - 25/01/2015

VERNISSAGE 5 /12 - 7pm


From the 6th of December 2014, Atelier 34zero Muzeum shows the exhibition Wisła Stories, a bi-disciplinary project of Peter the Bruyne (BE), photographer living in Bruges and Marc Peirs(BE), journalist of the VRT and Poland expert. Together they followed the course of the river Wisła crossing all of Poland. The goal of this journey was to grasp the breathtaking changes that Poland is undergoing. The result of the research can be seen in this exhibition where the characteristicaly blurry pictures of Peter de Bruyne are in dialogue with the texts of Marc Peirs. The result offers a personal vision that tries to let the public discover or rediscover this country and the changes it is debating.



04/10/2014 - 25/01 /2015

Prolongation until 8/3

In the line of research about black in sculptural art, begun in 1993, Atelier 34zero Muzeum invites Polish artist Marek Kus for a solo exhibition of his work, which turns predominantly around this achromatic color.


14/6 - 28/9/2014

Postvernissage 26/9/2014 - 18h

Ever since its creation in 2003, the editorial line of Michel Husson has, through time, reached milestones in the field of documentary and social photography books.

jean_manuel simoes


30/3 - 25/5 2014

Vernissage 29/3 - 11h

Collaborating with the publishing house Michel Husson (Brussels, BE), the Atelier 340 Muzeum presents an exhibition of sociological photography : a selection of works by two photographers. Both have in common that through their work they were in contact with people that usually are difficult to meet or get to know.


5/10/13 - 2/3/14

Vernissage 5/10/13 - 11h

Maren Dubnick reworks the public space, overturning the common use and aesthetic appearance of functional objects and architectural elements.

jeanine cohen

3/8 - 1/12 2013

The paintings of Jeanine Cohen materialise from her wood assemblies, the rectangular structures which cause light, colour and matter to interact in a very specific way, thus allowing the work to emerge.

 bonhomme_de _neige_2013

3/8 - 1/12 2013






22/03 - 26/05 2013

18/10 - 30/11 2013 BWA Katowice (PL)

During its thematic exhibition Approche aux Constellations, the Atelier 340 Muzeum discovered the work of Belgian photographer, Pierre Radisic, and has invited him back for a major solo exhibition. The exhibition results from a meeting between a photographer and a sculptor. They share their interest in lines, volumes and textures, folds and amusing associations - on the body as if on unexplored territory.  An unknown which we should map, but not touch : at first selecting, drawing regions and areas, then gradually approaching them from afar to appreciate their visualisation. The projection of the film Heavenly Bodies, which Pierre Radisic produced with Walter Hus at the Brigittines in 2005, will be central to an exhibit of a selection of photographs from the 1994-1996 series bearing the same name, and covering half of the Atelier's 2000m²  exhibition floor. 

At the end of the exhibition, the Atelier 340 Muzeum will present a selection of Pierre Radisic's entertaining photographs and a short interview will be screened between the artist and the curator in the café culturel, which adjoins the exhibition space.pierre_radisc_constellations



22/03 - 26/05 2013

18/10 - 30/11 2013 BWA Katowice (PL)

Since early childhood,  I have been intrigued by how couples resemble each other. While strolling in the streets, eating in restaurants or just observing daily life, I noted their similarities to the point of considering each couple as twins. 

approches aux constellations

12/10/2012 - 17/02/2013

Since always, the artists, looking up at the sky, have tried to picture the universe. Far beyond a single aesthetic inspiration regarding celestial constructions, it is a deep reflection about human presence in the world they have carried out.

Habana Cuba











22/06 - 23/09/2012   

18/10 - 30/11 2013 BWA Katowice (PL)

 Within the context of our intellectual friendship with the editor Michel Husson, Atelier 340 Muzeum shows a portrait gallery of Havanacigar smokers by the Canadian photographer Pascal Rouet.

27/04/2012 - 20/06/2012

Au Musée du Quai Branly à Paris, où il participe à l’exposition « Les Maîtres du Désordre » (1), Jacques Lizène occupe la position du Cheyenne contraire. Chez les Cheyennes, la « Société des Contraires » regroupe des guerriers qui faisaient tout à l’envers. Toujours à Paris, pour la réouverture du Palais de Tokyo (2), Jacques Lizène interprète une œuvre de musique à l’envers, nouvelle création intitulée « Edaneres » du compositeur GiWduL noV neVoHteeB.

19/11/2011- 25/03/2012

Georg Hüter
Sobriété en vertical


Vincent Dubois
Sobriété en écriture

03/07/2010– 26/09/2010


Artistes : 
Etienne Bossut (FR)  
Jean-Pierre Bredo (BE)
Antoine Perrot (FR)

Après son exposition de 2007, "Toutes les couleurs sont autorisées à condition que cela n'empêche pas le commerce", l'Atelier 340 Muzeum se voit constamment poursuivi par les couleurs dans tous leurs états. Dans le cadre de la prolongation de cette réflexion, nous avons préparé une nouvelle proposition intitulée "et toujours de la couleur".

22/10/2010 - 30/01/2011


Les hommes peuvent pourrir

artistes : 
marek janiak (pl)
adam rzepecki (pl)
andrezej swietlik (pl)
andrezej wielogorski (pl)

Le groupe Lodz Kaliska, fondé à Lodz (PL) en 1979, a célébré ses 30 ans d'existence en 2009. A l'occasion de leur "300è anniversaire" comme ils ont préféré l'appeler, ils ont créé une exposition "Les hommes peuvent pourrir" montrée au Centre d'Art Moderne de Zamek Ujazdowski (Warszawa). Nous avons voulu présenter cette exposition à l'Atelier 340 Muzeum afin de faire découvrir au public belge ce groupe polonais mythique.

03/07/2010– 26/09/2010


Maren Dubnick (DE)

Dans le cadre de cette exposition personnelle "D'épaississement à empilement" Maren Dubnick a montré l'ensemble de ses recherches. 

A partir de petits objets, via différentes colonnes et cheminées industrielles, elle crée des constructions architecturales.


16/03/2007– 27/05/2007


Une certaine culture de la couleur par Wodek

L'amorce de l'idée de l'exposition "Toutes les couleurs sont autorisées à condition que cela n'empêche pas le commerce", s'est produite lorsque je visitais l'exposition La couleur importée (Ready-Made Color) au centre d'art Passerelle à Brest (FR). Deux artistes français, Claude Briand-Picard et Antoine Perrot, en étaient les commissaires.

17/06/2005 - 02/10/2005


« La nature (les forêts et les lacs) est omniprésente, comme dans très peu de pays européens. Il faut aussi mettre en relation le silence de cette nature et le caractère de souffrance silencieuse, un peu masochiste, des Finlandais.

Ce qui nous a le plus intéressé, ce sont les relations avec la nature elle-même, avec les éléments naturels peu ou pas transformés plutôt qu’avec les éléments manufacturés. Nous nous sommes retrouvés avec des problématiques similaires à celles de 1985 pour l’exposition De l’Animal et du végétal dans l’art belge contemporain. Mais la position des artistes belges est plus individualiste, plus active que celle des finlandais, plus solitaire, plus passive.
Beaucoup d’artistes posent des questions sur les rapports entre l’homme d’une part et la nature et les animaux de l’autre… »

Jussi Heikkilä, Timo Heino, Pekka Jylhä, Kaarina Kaikkonen, Kaija Kiuru, Kaisu Koivisto
Elina Lind, Eero Markuksela, Reima Nurmikko, Jaakko Pernu, Anni Rapinoja, Anu Tuominen

La création de cette exposition découle directement de l’exposition confrontative que j’avais organisée il y a cinq ans avec Patrick Dougherty et Adrian Maryniak, Le Mouvement intuitif...
Pour cette nouvelle analyse de ce thème, étant donné que celui-ci est très vaste, j’ai voulu me concentrer sur le mouvement intuitif circulaire, ou sur l’«encircularité».

22/10/2004 - 30/01/2005


Prendre un objet et lui donner un autre sens, c'est vraiment une vieille histoire.

11/06/2004 - 13/06/2004

L’A.C.A.I. (Association des Centres d’Art indépendants) est la prolongation d’Etat des Lieux, vaste réflexion sur la place de l’art aujourd’hui dans notre société. L’A.C.A.I. a été créée en 1998 afin de se positionner en tant que groupe d’organisateurs indépendants menant une action intellectuelle au service des arts plastiques actuels en Communauté française. Le manque évident de réflexion de la part des instances politiques à propos du fonctionnement des associations artistiques indépendantes nous poussa à réagir du point de vue culturel face à ce vide structurel.

23/04/2004– 14/05/2004


Liste d'artistes pour la vente aux enchères

Erwan Ballan / Pascal Bernier / Bram Bogart / Jean-Paul Brohez / Leo Copers / Jacques Dujardin / Javier Fernandez / Jean-Marie Gheerardijn / Katarzyna Górna / Ado Hamelryck / Philippe Herbet / Georg Hüter / Marin Kasimir / Leszek Knaflewski / Nicolas Kozakis / Antoine Laval / Jacques Lizène /



Outre le fait d'être un élément organique du monde intérieur de l'artiste, le matériau provenant de la Maison et de la vie quotidienne possède le contenu le plus stable et permanent dans toutes les cultures et c'est pourquoi Anu Tuominen travaille avec lui.
Elle travaille avec cette stabilité, rompant les associations persistantes et les équilibres, révélant les associations profondes, ontologiques et basiques par des déplacements paradoxaux et provocateurs.

(Aleksandr Borovsky, “Statement”,
in cat. Anu Tuominen, 2003)



L'artiste sonde, par cycles de travail, les profondeurs de champs sociaux tels que la famille, la religion, la recherche, la médecine, la technologie, la loi et la culture. Elle crée un psychogramme critique de la société, un réseau finement tissé de relations, dans une esthétique originale proche de la bande dessinée.

(André Lindhorst, „Von der Ambivalenz der Dinge - Die Häkelobjekte von Patricia Waller“, in: cat. Needleworks II, Patricia Waller, Osnabrück, 2000)

9/08/2003 – 16/11/2003

La rentrée est l’occasion pour l’Atelier 340 Muzeum de dresser un bilan de ses collections depuis 1979. Si la situation du centre d’art contemporain indépendant ne fut pas toujours facile, les récents achats de quelques œuvres par la Communauté française leur a offert un « ballon d’oxygène ».

29/03/2003 – 25/05/2003


Faisant suite à l’édition en 1999 du Catalogue inventaire des collections de la Communauté française de Belgique couvrant la période 1993 – 1998 relative à la peinture et au dessin, un nouvel ouvrage vient de paraître, pour la même période. Il est consacré à la sculpture, aux installations, au mobilier et au bijou contemporain et regroupe les œuvres de quelques 70 artistes. Une sélection des œuvres a été opérée pour l’exposition «Particules Elémentaires» accompagnant la sortie de cet ouvrage en veillant à privilégier les œuvres qui n’avaient pas encore été montrées auparavant.

21/12/2002 – 9/03/2003


Erwan Ballan – Jean-François Demeure

L’exposition, intitulée Matières grasses, juxtapose une période de travail bien précise chez Erwan Ballan et Jean-François Demeure. Pour le premier, il s’agit d’une réflexion développée au cours des trois dernières années - l’utilisation de la silicone – tandis que pour le second, il s’agit d’un travail réalisé en 2000 à l’occasion d’une résidence d’artiste à Cork (Irlande).