As every year, the Atelier 34zero Muzeum organizes a cultural drink to the health of the New Year in the presence of its well-beloved mayor, Mr. Hervé Doyen. Also, we will introduce our new Alderman of culture, Mounir Laarissi, freshly put into his functions. He is young, beautiful and dynamic. He also has a great interest in contemporary art. As usual, there will be other elected officials who like to come to the Atelier 34zero Muzeum to experience an intellectual moment with us.
You are all warmly invited to the drink on Friday 3th of Feburary 2017 starting at 7 pm - FREE ENTRANCE.
As usual Wodek will make a little speech about our cultural investments for the year of 2017:

  • Exhibition program
  • Program of the exported exhibitions
  • Advertisement for a work of art in our park : 20 Belgian square meters
  • Program of the Filmotek taking place during the summer months
  • Socio-cultural café 'Bidon-ville' or 'Pieds dans l'herbe''
  • Sculptural developments in our community
  • Distribution of post cards and art books on a national and international level
  • New publications
  • Evolution of the children’s sculpture workshop
  • Development of more services to contribute to the self-financing of our organisation
  • Developpement of cultural programs with schools
  • Development of our cultural vegetable garden : fruit tree and bush plantations with the children of the neighbourhood
  • Continuance of the building's renovations and the creation of new spaces for the children's workshop
  • Café Baby-Boum

In order to welcome you properly, we will prepare some regional dishes, all the vodkas you like during wintertime and a series of Belgian catholic beers.